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Black mold Removal

Black molds are toxic black molds that release dangerous mycotoxins, affecting a person’s respiratory, circulatory, reproductive, and immune health.

It can also target some of the important organs in a person’s body and even cause death, depending on the amount of black mold inhaled or black mold exposure.

Black mold is a health hazard, but in most conditions, black mold is also known to cause structural and rot damage. Black molds usually thrive in moist environments and are often found in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, attics, and other moist places in your home. 

If black mold isn’t removed properly, it can also cause structural damage and can lower the resell value of your home or property.

To identify black mold, here are the following things that professionals do:

Detect Moisture

Areas with black mold are usually high with moisture. By locating the proper source of moisture, you’ll be able to identify black mold-infected areas. Moist areas can be areas where there is water damage or flood/leaks from heavy rain or storms. With our professional expertise, we can quickly find black molded areas in your property and quickly provide the proper solutions to remove them.


The use of Infrared Technology

Here in our company, we also use Infrared Technology to find black molded areas from your property. This technology is an excellent Black mold detector, as it targets all potential sources of moisture and black mold from your property. Infrared Technology is super beneficial as it gives more accurate results, which allows us to draw conclusions and solutions to remove black mold sources quickly.

Why Choose Us?

Our team is always ready to provide you with the services that we mentioned above. Our services will clear your property from black mold and enhance the overall safety of your home. We do things professionally, and we always make sure to follow the required safety measures in terms of removal and demolition of Black mold-containing building materials on your property.

We Follow Proper Guidelines and Protocols

We’ve done numerous Black mold Investigations already, and we never failed to follow the strict rules and guidelines to eradicate black mold from all of our clients’ properties properly. Protocol development is a very important part of any Black mold removal operation, as it properly identifies areas that contain black mold.

We provide specialized routines and protocols when handling specific clients, whether residential, Commercial, or Industrial purposes.

We are Always Available!

It’s our one true goal to serve our clients with what we’re trained for. We have dedicated all of our efforts to ensure that every client we work for is always satisfied. 

Our services are always available, no matter what season, as long as the conditions allow us to operate. We do this to ensure that all of our clients here in Orlando are well protected from black mold.

Also, our team is fully equipped with the right tools and equipment while following the safety rules and protocols in removing black mold. Our company is your best solution for all types of Black mold-related services, from inspection to testing, removal, etc.

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Make sure to call us whenever you need our services today! You can reach us any time, and rest assured that we will respond within the same day! It’s important to have your house or building checked for black mold, especially if you live in Orlando. 

Our team provides all types of Black mold related services to make sure your property is fully clear from traces of black mold. There’s still a possibility that most houses or buildings in Orlando have some Black mold found in the building materials, so don’t hesitate to call us today!

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